Manager of a radio station beats a female presenter for advertising about money.

The FM station manager for 91.5 Megerhertz Kanungu FM was caught on camera in a video that is going viral on Twitter. Social media users have had a range of reactions to the video.

Twinamatsiko Nelson was caught on camera beating a worker named Tumuramye Anita very badly.

Commentary around the video says that the female presenter got a gig and asked for a 12% cut, which the FM station management agreed to pay.

After the client paid the money through the female presenter, she refused to give the 88% of the gig money to the FM station. Instead, she advertised the client's products whenever she hosted her show on the FM station.

This made the manager go to the FM president, which led to a heated argument that ended in a fight.

Before the incident, Anita Rose was the station's cashier and worked at the front desk. The manager took away all of her jobs, saying that being a cashier, front desk worker, radio host, and station manager was too much.

After the fight, Anita Rose lost the right to host some of the shows on her station.

Hon. Chris Baryomunsi, who is a well-known politician and the minister for ICT, is said to own the Kanungu FM radio station.

To find out more, watch the video below...

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