Our football is being destroyed by referees - Coach Sefa

A football coach and analyst has criticized referees in the Ghana Premier League for their subpar officiating. 

According to him, the bad performance of referees is ruining and setting back football in the country. This was expressed by coach Sefa in reference to the contentious penalty awarded by referee Amadu Ibrahim during Sunday's FA Cup loss to Aduana FC.

 "The officials are ruining our game; how could you concede a penalty against Kotoko?" According to Ghanaweb, he stated in his analysis that it was never a penalty.

In the meantime, the Director of Communications for the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has disputed charges that referees intentionally defraud Kotoko.

Henry Asante Twum stated that while the work of some referees has been subpar, the GFA has never been involved in any type of manipulation.

Several Kotoko supporters have claimed that referees in the Ghana Premier League have been routinely biased against their team.bnnk

A portion of the fans visited the deity Antoa a few weeks ago in order to curse any referee who attempted to defraud the Porcupine Warriors.

Asante Twum, in response, stated that cursing referees was not the way to go, even if fans desire fair officiating.

"I'm not convinced that cursing referees is the greatest approach to improve refereeing; we cannot improve officiating by cursing referees.

 If so, Ghana would have blasted the center referee who officiated the World Cup match between Ghana and Portugal, he told Akoma FM, as reported by 3 Sports.

 "No referee will intentionally cheat Kotoko, and I report the referee's performance to the review committee and the referee's manager after each game I observe.

"There are times when we are all aware that the referee's performance is subpar, but for someone to believe that the FA manipulates referees to cheat a specific side is terrible, and there is nothing of the sort."

Kotoko are now third in the Ghana Premier League, however they have been eliminated from the FA Cup by Aduana FC.

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