The showrunner of 'Warrior Nun' endorses the next evolution of the cancellation campaign.

The sky is blue, the water is wet, and Warrior Nun supporters will continue to find creative ways to promote the continuing effort to preserve the Netflix series from a premature cancellation.

While it's almost certain that the streaming service will maintain its position that the action-packed comic book adaptation will remain an original series, there have been no concrete indications that another company is interested in snatching up the rights to a property that's an easy sell to the masses and already has a rabid fanbase.

The Halo Bearers' global takeover of billboards and subsequent transformation into pilgrimage destinations demonstrates their imagination and ingenuity, especially considering that their first prominent advertisement was placed immediately in front of Netflix's headquarters.

In light of this, showrunner Simon Barry's endorsement of a proposed 8-bit video game that extends the Warrior Nun narrative into a new medium has been met with acceptance; all that remains is for the game to enter the testing phase.

The majority of people may spend a bit too much time on their preferred mobile device, therefore the possibility of a side-scrolling or top-down beat 'em up version of Warrior Nun is a brilliant idea. 

Deliver it directly to the public, and perhaps the likelihood of a third season materializing someplace will increase, because who doesn't occasionally enjoy an old-school indulgence?

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