Alexandra Breckenridge performance in Season 5 of Virgin River

THE PERFORMANCE | Netflix's widely beloved small town drama has consistently been recognised as a heartwarming show.

 However, in its fifth season, the show took on a more emotionally intense tone, causing many of its characters, particularly Mel Monroe portrayed by Breckenridge, to reach their breaking points. And beyond, please.

Mel's miscarriage midway through the season was both devastating and unexpected. Considering everything she and Jack have endured to get to this point, losing their baby was a surprising turn of events that caught viewers off guard. 

One thing that didn't surprise anyone was the incredibly powerful performance that Breckenridge delivered during her character's darkest hour.

After watching with great anticipation as she performed that significant ultrasound on herself in Episode 5, and then finding solace in Jack's comforting embrace as she struggled to share the difficult news in Episode 6, it seemed like there was no emotional reserve remaining for Breckenridge to impact. After that, Episode 7 presented Mel with the opportunity to confront the reality of her situation following the wildfire.

This poignant performance delicately paid tribute to both aspects of Breckenridge's character. It portrayed Mel, the nurse practitioner, who proficiently recites the details of a standard post-miscarriage procedure, as well as Mel, the vulnerable human being, who struggles to accept that this procedure is happening to her. Could you please repeat that?

One of Breckenridge's most remarkable qualities as a performer is her contagious exuberance, so it was quite surprising to witness that inner glow completely extinguished, which significantly altered the overall tone of the show.

 It seems as though someone turned off Mel's light switch, and Breckenridge made it look equally effortless.

In the aftermath of their personal tragedy, Jack kindly expresses his astonishment at Mell's bravery, and we can't help but agree with his sentiment about Breckenridge.

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