Chinese boyfriend dumps her because she won't sell their son to him. She cries out for help.


A viral video has surfaced, sharing the challenging story of a young mother's tumultuous relationship with a Chinese expatriate. 

This individual left her after she became pregnant, causing significant distress. The video has sparked a lot of concerns and discussions online.

In the video, the narrator kindly mentioned that the young woman, known as Tope Iyabo, and her Chinese partner used to work together at a factory company in Ogun State.

Their relationship took a challenging turn when Tope became pregnant and gave birth to their son, n

amed David. The Chinese man made an unexpected request for Tope to consider selling their child to him, mentioning that he might not be able to take responsibility if she declined.

Tope respectfully chose not to sell her child, which resulted in the Chinese man deciding to sever all ties with her and the baby. 

The narrator shared their determined efforts to seek justice, which involved reporting the matter to the police, filing a lawsuit, and reaching out to Human Rights organisations.

Unfortunately, it seems that their efforts may not have yielded the desired results, as there are suspicions that the man may have potentially manipulated the systems through bribery.

Expressing sincere concern, the narrator kindly implored Nigerians to come together in support of Tope, emphasising that her rent was due and her situation was extremely challenging. Tope herself has indeed confirmed the narrator's account of her challenging journey and earnestly requested support from fellow Nigerians.

The video effectively portrayed the difficult living conditions of Tope Iyabo's residence, showing her, her child, and her sister in a challenging and untidy environment.

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