Cobra Kai's 15 Best Quotes from Johnny Lawrence

Cobra Kai is entering its sixth and final season, and throughout the series, Johnny Lawrence has had many memorable moments. 

Johnny has changed since his appearance in The Karate Kid, but not to the point where he is unrecognisable. 

The character is still fully persuaded of the significance of being a badass; however, he is less likely to harm others in his pursuit of that status. 

All of this is ultimately evident in Johnny's statements throughout the first seasons of Cobra Kai.

In the film The Karate Kid, Johnny Lawrence was a major bully. However, Cobra Kai has changed this viewpoint. Since then, it has been disclosed that the top student of John Kreese's dojo had a much more difficult home life than was initially believed, and his loss to Daniel LaRusso had a lasting impact on his life. 

At the beginning of the Netflix series, Johnny was far from his finest. With the assistance of his pupils, he has become an even greater badass than he was as a teenager. 

In the meantime, we can reflect on some of Johnny's finest quotes to date. Season 6 of Cobra Kai will undoubtedly contain even more fantastic moments for Johnny.The maxim "Kicks Get Chicks."Johnny has passed on the confidence he acquired through karate to his own students, as was revealed by Cobra Kai.

 In the first season, Johnny helped Miguel become a significantly more confident version of himself. He became that way by heeding Johnny's advice, which, despite its rough aspects, was frequently accurate. According to this quote from the first season of Cobra Kai, confidence is the best method to get a girlfriend (Miguel proved this to be true).

Simply looking at you makes me feel like a virgin.Nothing Johnny says is particularly politically correct, and he will utter the most outrageous things to anyone. Even though he has calmed down a bit in subsequent seasons of Cobra Kai, he continues to say things similar to this season 1 quote. 

To Johnny, being a badass entails beating butt and attracting a large number of women. Therefore, he believes that appearing like a virgin is the most insulting thing he can say. This is all part of his appeal."Quiet!" Despite Johnny's impatience and erratic personality, he is an excellent educator. This is evident in the transformation of his Cobra Kai pupils through his unconventional methods. 

This is due in part to Johnny's complete disregard for the complaints of his students. He will only tolerate so much before he loses his temper. This is evidenced throughout Cobra Kai by the single phrase that stops his pupils in their tracks: "A Coors Banquet for Me, and a Shirley Temple for the Lady."Johnny's insults may not be the most elegant, but they are undoubtedly effective. 

Daniel is no longer his adversary, though the two are certain to have a final rematch in Cobra Kai season 6, but they will continue to view each other with a degree of rivalry. Tossing insults at one another is one of their favourite pursuits, and Johnny excels in this area. Obviously, Daniel wasn't offended by being labelled a "lady," but the insult was recognised for what it was.One cobra kills the strongest lion in the jungle, while the other kills a crippled monkey. 

What Type of Cobra Do You Wish to Be?Cobra Kai season 1 set Johnny up to be the new Mr. Miyagi—just like the Karate Kid sensei, he took an adolescent under his wing and taught him to stand up to the bullies. Obviously, Johnny and Mr. Miyagi have very little else in common. However, the Cobra Kai alumnus did manage the occasional moment of insight, such as when he admonished Hawk and Miguel for exploiting their opponents' vulnerabilities.

 This quote ultimately demonstrated how far Johnny had come since his days fighting for John Kresse."It Does Not Matter Whether You Are A Loser, A Geeky, Or A Freak! It Is Only Important That You Become Badass!"Johnny employs a number of John Kresse's teaching methods, despite his reluctance to confess it.

 However, the two Cobra Kai senseis differ in who they are prepared to accept under their wing. Kreese demonstrated that he would only accept students with the appropriate appearance. Johnny lacked such biases. 

He welcomed all individuals who desired to study karate. He didn't care if they were popular at school as long as they were willing to work hard to achieve greatness.

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