explosives retrieved from a different quarry site near Shama that were covered with dust.

The Shama District Security Council (DISEC), in collaboration with the Minerals Commission, has recently come across certain amounts of Ammonium substances and explosives within the trenches of the Anto Aboso quarry enclave.

Could you please provide information about the locations where the substances and explosives were discovered? This raises concerns about the safety of both workers and communities in the District.

According to the Minerals Commission, it is required for companies to obtain a permit in order to store such harmful substances.

The Assistant Manager at the Minerals Commission, Francis Annobil Jnr, kindly mentioned that the substances should be stored exclusively in a designated area known as the Magazine.

The Shama District Chief Executive, Ebenezer Dadzie, kindly informed journalists at the site that intelligence had led to the discovery of the quantities, which were found covered in quarry dust in the said bush.

He mentioned that the safety of communities and the ongoing expression of fear has become a matter of concern to the Assembly.

 Therefore, there is a need for the exercise to remove these substances from the community in order to prevent human errors, accidents, and avoidable deaths.

The District Chief Executive (DCE) kindly urged the communities to actively participate by reporting any suspicious activities of operators in the area.

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