It seems like Wednesday Season 2 will finally satisfy the fans' deepest desire.


Tim Burton's Wednesday, which debuted in 2022 and is presently one of the most eagerly anticipated Netflix original series, has some unusual elements about its upcoming second season that costume designer Colleen Atwood has just revealed.

Fans continue to concoct their own speculations about what Jenna Ortega's Wednesday Addams will do next, and many viewers are hopeful that Season 2 would feature members of the main character's family more frequently. However, the release date for Wednesday Season 2 is still unknown.

 Atwood appeared to unintentionally confirm this in a recent interview with Variety.

The costume designer talked about Catherine Zeta-Jones' Morticia and her ensembles for Wednesday's upcoming season, revealing that the character will have a wider range of clothing options and that viewers would be able to see Wednesday's mother in less formal dress. "It will be really fun to see what Morticia does when she's out of the dress and into around-the-house looks," said Atwood of Season 2. "In season 2 she'll have a lot of looks."

 This indicates that Season 2 will indeed take place in the Addams Family mansion and that Wednesday's parents may play more of a supporting role in the upcoming book.The Mansion Was Hardly Seen in Season 1

The fabled home was only briefly shown to fans in Wednesday Season 1. It first appeared in Episode 1 when Wednesday lamented the loss of her pet scorpion Nero, and then it reappeared in Episode 8 as Ms. Addams, the triumphant protagonist, was returning to the manor after putting a stop to the crimes committed by Christina Ricci's Marilyn Thornhill and Hunter Doohan's Hyde.

In Wednesday Season 1, Atwood continued by delving further into the creation of Morticia's famous clothing. She remarked that she liked working with a small colour pallet because, after all, the Addams family is known for wearing only black.

 "Using black and white limits you, but if you're going to be limited, this is a wonderful environment to be in. 

The costume designer explained that you may graphically juxtapose the two colours in different ways to create very diverse looks. Morticia's outfit, however, didn't turn out as planned because Atwood fashioned it from three different materials, including leather, and decided to call Zeta-Jones to seek her opinion. What follows is history.

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