Ralph Macchio says Jackie Chan can't join Cobra Kai because "they weren't in that world." This is a reason fans would be upset about.

The Karate Kid franchise starring Ralph Macchio had a considerable cultural impact on many individuals during the 1980s. 

Even now, Cobra Kai, the popular television series of the trilogy, has managed to captivate both old and new audiences with its unique storyline and storytelling. Despite some fans' initial concerns, I believe that Cobra Kai is a prime example of a reboot done right, and it exceeds expectations in many ways.

I appreciate the efforts made to bring back beloved characters and have the original cast members reprise their popular roles. However, it is regrettable that this successful show will be coming to an end after its upcoming sixth season. Although it continues to have a substantial fan base, fans are feeling a sense of sadness as they bid farewell to the series. However, there is one topic that they continue to inquire about: the possibility of Jackie Chan returning to the Karate Kid universe. Fans may be disheartened by Ralph Macchio's response.

I kindly suggest that fans express their desire for Jackie Chan to consider joining Ralph Macchio's Cobra Kai.

When Ralph Macchio graciously reprised his iconic role of Daniel LaRusso, fans understandably had some reservations about whether Cobra Kai would live up to its predecessor or unfortunately fall into the category of disappointing reboots and remakes. To everyone's pleasant surprise, Cobra Kai has proven to be a remarkable interpretation of what is commonly known as the 'Miyagiverse'.

Although the series is set to conclude after its sixth and final season, fans have expressed their desire to witness one particular event before its conclusion, much to their disappointment. It would be great if Jackie Chan could reprise his role as Mr. Han. Chan portrayed the beloved character in the 2010 Karate Kid remake, which starred Jaden Smith.

Ralph Macchio was kindly asked the inevitable question if that might ever be possible in an interview with Jake Hamilton on Jake's Takes. And his reply may potentially disappoint many fans of the beloved franchise.

Could you please provide some information about Ralph Macchio? I'm sorry, but it seems that Jackie Chan cannot be a part of Cobra Kai.

The movie Karate Kid, starring Jackie Chan, was a tremendous success. The movie was an innovative and contemporary interpretation of the beloved franchise, and it was warmly received by audiences. Both Chan and Jaden Smith were highly acclaimed for their exceptional performances. It is quite clear that fans would greatly appreciate their return in Cobra Kai. However, it seems that achieving that feat may be quite challenging, as Ralph Macchio mentioned in an interview with Jake Hamilton on Jake's Takes.

Well, I respectfully disagree... I appreciate your question, and I understand your curiosity about why that particular approach may not be effective in the Cobra Kai universe. However, there is a straightforward reason behind it. 

The individuals that Jon, Josh, and Hayden discuss are related to the Miyagiverse. Everyone who had the privilege of knowing Mr. Miyagi and engaging with him is considered canon for our show. Excuse me, but I couldn't find the characters of Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan in that particular world. It appears to be a remake.

Although it may be challenging, many fans do agree that it would be difficult to have them back.

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