Shatta Wale includes NSA and Akufo-Addo's daughter in his dispute with Stonebwoy regarding Accra Stadium.

Dancehall artist Shatta Wale has expressed his concerns regarding the National Sports Authority (NSA) in his ongoing disagreement with rival Stonebwoy over the booking of the Accra Sports Stadium for a concert in December.

Both artistes have recently announced their upcoming concerts in December, and it seems that the dates for their shows may overlap.

Could you please inform me about the pre-events leading up to Shatta Wale's Freedom Wave Concert scheduled for December 25th?Stonebwoy, however, has announced that he will be hosting his annual Bhim Concert on December 22 at the same Accra Sports Stadium.

Expressing his disappointment with the recent turn of events, Shatta Wale shared his thoughts in a Facebook live video, where he raised concerns about Stonebwoy's potential involvement in sabotaging his concert.

He also expressed his disappointment with the NSA and its boss, Prof Peter Twumasi, for their decision to grant the stadium to Stonebwoy, despite being aware that he had a concert scheduled at the same venue.

Excuse me, it was mentioned to my team that in order to organise a show at the stadium, a three-day set-up period is required. Therefore, if I am planning to hold my show on the 25th, we kindly request three days in advance for the set-up.

Could we please consider using the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th for the set-up? It would be greatly appreciated since my show is scheduled for the 25th of December. That is what you previously communicated to my team.

Secondly, if I may kindly remind you, there was a meeting between the Professor and my team where it was mutually agreed upon that this show should take place.

Shatta Wale expressed his concerns about President Nana Akufo-Addo's daughter, whom he believed was advocating for Stonebwoy.

I believe I may have overheard that the president's daughter made a phone call to the stadium. The stadium does not belong to any of us, I'm afraid.

I wonder how they managed to establish communication with the president's daughter, leading her to express her support for Stonebwoy's show while denying ours.

May I ask if the president's daughter is involved in showbiz? Does she happen to be involved in music? 

Stonebwoy and his team have the ability to make a significant impact at the stadium," he added.In the meantime, it has been clarified by Prof Twumasi, the NSA boss, that neither Stonebwoy nor Shatta Wale has currently booked the Accra Sports Stadium for their concert.

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