Season 3 Could See a Greater Role for Bridgerton's Certified Mean Girl

 If it is possible, we hope to see season 3 air.

It would be an understatement to say that Bridgerton fans are feeling a bit weary from the anticipation of season 3.

 Since the last season of the period romantic drama aired on Netflix in March 2022 (over a year ago!), many fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new season.

However, at present, Netflix has chosen not to disclose any information about the show, which unfortunately leaves viewers without any knowledge.The absence of any new details about the show is quite disappointing for fans, but it also encourages them to be imaginative, prompting them to develop more theories about what they can expect to see. 

Certainly, it is evident that the overall concept of the season has been confirmed, along with the primary couple that will be the central focus. However, the specific details regarding the season remain undisclosed at this time.

One character that Bridgerton fans are eagerly anticipating to see more of in the upcoming season is Cressida Cowper. Cressida, a young and attractive individual, possesses a strong presence that can be challenging to engage with on a personal level. She embodies the characteristics of a classic mean girl character. And she performed exceptionally well in the first two seasons.

However, fans have a strong inclination that Cressida might potentially have an expanded role as she attentively observes Colin Bridgerton in season 3. In her third year without a husband, she is seeking a partner who can match or exceed her financial and social status. Colin, in her view, might be the right person for this role.

Considering that the entire season will primarily focus on the love story of Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington, it is expected that they will ultimately end up together. 

Given this, it is understandable how Cressida's unwanted flirtation could potentially create a significant amount of drama.

 If you previously found her challenging to tolerate, please brace yourself for even more unpredictable Cressida moments now.Please make sure to stay tuned so that you don't miss any news or updates regarding the release date of Bridgerton season 3.

 The rumours about the season premiere being set for December 14 have not been confirmed by Netflix or any cast or crew members at this time. 

It is advised to avoid getting too hopeful until an official announcement is made.


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