Accra tremors: Stay calm and adopt safety precautions, says the Geological Survey Authority.

The Ghana Geological Survey Authority (GGSA) kindly advises residents of the areas that experienced an earth tremor on Sunday, November 12 to stay calm and adhere to the safety measures. 

The brief tremor occurred at approximately 7:20 am. 

The GGSA has taken note of reports regarding an earth tremor in Awoshie, Kanda, Kasoa Nyanyano, and nearby areas. We approach this information with caution. We are diligently collecting data to ascertain the epicenter, magnitude, and other relevant factors of this event. 

Kindly stay calm and adhere to the safety measures: Drop, Cover, and Hold On. Important Safety Measure: Please remember to drop, hold, and cover during an emergency situation. 

 Remember to follow the safety protocol of Drop, Hold, and Cover during earthquakes or tremors.

 Please lower yourself to the ground, find a stable object to hold onto, and shield your head and neck to safeguard against any potential falling objects. 

 Monitoring seismic activity allows us to gather valuable information, but accurately predicting the timing and location of earthquakes is still a complex challenge. This is because the Earth's crust is constantly changing and evolving. 

Regrettably, current scientific knowledge does not allow for accurate forecasting of earthquakes and tremors. 

The areas of Weija, Mallam, Gbawe, SCC, and Bortianor were significantly affected. 

A few residents kindly shared their experiences on social media. 


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