Check out the beautiful photos of the Twins in Little House on the Prairie, they played Carrie Ingalls.

 It is worth noting that the child's role in Littlek House was portrayed by twin sisters Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush, who took turns playing the character throughout eight seasons. 

 This occurred due to an interesting aspect of the title cards in the show's opening credits. The individual portraying Carrie was listed as "Lindsay Sidney Greenbush." 

Lindsay and Sidney seemed to have a natural talent for acting, being the children of actor Billy Green Bush. However, they made the decision to leave the industry once their time on the show came to an end in 1982. Observe them now, at the age of 52, and discover where their lives have taken them since then by reading further. 

They never played the same part again. In a similar fashion to other twin actors, Lindsay (whose full name is Rachel Lindsay) and Sidney consistently shared the same role both before and during their time on Little House. After departing from the show, both sisters managed to land a few more acting opportunities, although they never reprised their previous characters.

 Sidney had a small role in the 1983 movie Hambone and Hillie, alongside notable actors such as O.J. Simpson, Candy Clark, Timothy Bottoms, and the legendary silent film star Lillian Gish. In the same year, Lindsay had the opportunity to make an appearance in an episode of the ABC crime drama Matt Houston. Before deciding to focus on finishing their high school education, the two worked together on advertisements. 

Lindsay has not completely abandoned acting. Lindsay and Sidney managed to stay out of the public eye, even though their father continued to appear in movies until the 1990s. 

Lindsay briefly attended college after graduating from Santa Monica High School, before relocating to Taos, New Mexico, in 1993. Later on, according to her IMDB page, she returned to California and successfully obtained a degree in accounting.

 She has a background in show jumping and has experience as a horse trainer. According to an interview with the Little House fan podcast Walnut GroveCast, she even asserted ownership of a horse that her sister Sidney had utilized for professional rodeo competitions in 2018. 

 She has also continued to pursue her passion for performance, recently appearing alongside her former Little House costar Alison Arngrim (Nellie Oleson) in a highly acclaimed 2018 production of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues. During the podcast, Lindsay expressed her desire to continue pursuing a career in theater. 

Lindsay met her future spouse on the Little House set. Lindsay has been married twice, although not to the father of her daughter Katlynn Danae, who was born in 1995. She entered into matrimony with Frank Dornan in 2001, but unfortunately, their union deteriorated after a few years. 

The friendship she formed during her time on the Little House set became the strong foundation of the marriage she eventually entered into. During an interview with Home&Family on Hallmark Channel, she shared that her future husband, 14-year-old Danny Sanchez, liked spending time on the Big Sky Movie Ranch set in Simi Valley, California, as it was conveniently located near his home. 

 Danny Sanchez was not involved in acting. Lindsay encountered him while taking a momentary respite beneath an oak tree. This brief interlude provided a welcome reprieve from the demanding filming schedule of Season 5's episode "The Wolves." 

When the two fortuitously crossed paths again in 2012 and began dating, what would have probably been a mere childhood encounter became more meaningful.

 In 2014, they exchanged vows beneath the very same oak tree where their paths had first crossed. In 2015, the former actor shared pictures from the event on Twitter, featuring the iconic tree in the foreground. 

Sidney tends to be more reserved most of the time. Sidney is not active on social media and prefers to keep her personal information private. 

However, it is evident that her love for horses remains unchanged from her younger days. As per her sister's interview with Walnut GroveCast, she decided to study animal science at Pierce College in Los Angeles and later embarked on a successful career as a barrel jumper and rodeo performer. 

 Furthermore, Sidney has participated in amateur boxing and held a position as an administrator in the home building sector, as mentioned in a 2015 interview with The Malibu Times. 

 According to a 2011 Little House reunion segment that aired on Today, she worked with the Kid Gloves Boxing Foundation to teach high-risk children boxing as a way to keep them off the streets. 


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