Is there a possibility of a Season 7 for 'The Chi'?

The Chi has started its sixth season, bringing back the narrative of individuals residing in Chicago's South Side, including friends, family, and even adversaries.

 The show revolves around the lives of young children Keisha, Emmett, Kevin, Jake, Jemma, and Papa, along with other important characters in their lives. 

 In season six, Kevin discovers a new love interest, while Emmett strikes a deal with Douda. Victor emerges victorious in the race for city council, while Douda continues to cause chaos in the city. Many fans are curious about the possibility of a season seven for The Chi, as season six comes to a close. Is there a possibility of a Season 7 for The Chi? 

There has been no update from Showtime regarding a potential season seven for The Chi. In addition, no information has been provided regarding the start date for the second half of season six. 

 In a recent announcement, Showtime shared that the upcoming sixth season of The Chi will be a "expanded season" consisting of 16 episodes divided into two halves. 

The first eight episodes have already been released, but the remaining episodes are yet to be filmed as production was paused due to the strikes by the writers and actors. 

 Given that both seasons are now over, it is reasonable to anticipate that season six will resume in the near future. 

Episodes of ‘The Chi’ will be available through the Paramount Plus With Showtime plan on Fridays at 3am EST/ 12 pm PST. Additionally, new episodes will be broadcasted on Sundays at 9pm EST/PST on Showtime. 


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