Little House On The Prairie star, Baby Grace Ingalls shares details about Brain Tumor diagnosis in New Book

Perhaps you recall Baby Grace Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie, portrayed by the charming blonde-haired twins Wendi and Brenda Turnbaugh. 

Wendi, now Wendi Lou Lee, is 45 years old and sharing her life story, which includes her recent recovery from brain tumour surgery, in her new memoir titled Red Tail Feathers: Dare to Discover the Beauty of Grace.   Lee mentions that in 2015, she began experiencing severe headaches and unexplained dizziness, which proved challenging for doctors to diagnose. 

After weeks of seeking medical advice from various doctors, they ultimately determined that she was dealing with a brain tumour.  Immediate surgery was necessary due to its rapid growth.   Lee expressed her gratitude for finally receiving a diagnosis after months of pain and discomfort, despite feeling anxious about the upcoming surgery.  

Naturally, she was also frightened since she had a family of young children.   Fortunately, everything went well and the surgery was successful, although she still had a long road to full recovery.   Following her recovery, she felt compelled to pen a book detailing her experiences. 

"This book provided a profound sense of healing, much like undergoing therapy following brain surgery," Lee shared.   I had the opportunity to reflect on my life from a different perspective. 

  I observed grace from a different perspective.   I have a different perspective on how it should be defined.   I had a profound shift in my perspective, thanks to God.   The recovery also motivated her to engage more with fans of Little House on the Prairie. 

She mentioned, "It has become my entire existence."   I enjoy spending time with fans, discussing episodes, and offering my thoughts and support. It's heartwarming to know that they also keep me in their thoughts and prayers.  

 We have a group where we read through the entire Bible together.   That's quite impressive.  In addition, I have the pleasure of hosting a weekly live video with them, and we are thrilled to have a multitude of exciting events lined up for this autumn.  They are fans, but they are also friends. 

Lee and her twin sister had the wonderful opportunity to be cast in Little House on the Prairie at a very young age of 8 months.  

They were fortunate enough to be cast due to their grandparents' close relationship with the casting director, and they have nothing but fond memories of that time.   

As the twins matured, she expressed admiration for the cast, mentioning how incredible Michael Landon was.   

He displayed a remarkable level of warmth, kindness, and patience.   Co-star   Melissa Gilbert was incredibly enjoyable.   She would discreetly leave the set to join us in our playtime. …   Michael exuded a captivating charm.  

 He adored children and always radiated joy in their presence.   Karen Grassle was incredibly nurturing and caring towards everyone on set.   We were very happy in her embrace. ...   The cast truly embodied their characters. 


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