'Power Book IV: Force' Starz Has Exciting Plan to Reunite Tommy with an OG Character in Season 3 (Exclusive)

Gary Lennon suggests that if the spinoff receives a third season, viewers can anticipate the introduction of a character from 'Power' who will add a touch of mischief to the storyline. 

Is it possible that Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) might encounter a figure from his past? 

The second season of Starz's Power Book IV: Force has been respectful in its approach to the flagship series Power, with new showrunner Gary Lennon (who previously contributed to Power) making a deliberate choice to prioritize Force's Chicago-set world. 

"On a few occasions during the season, I was asked if I would like so-and-so to return." Would you like to include so-and-so in this? Lennon informs The Messenger.

 "And I politely responded, 'No.' In my opinion, the first season could have been improved by streamlining the number of stories and characters. I believe it would have been more beneficial to focus on the existing characters. As a storyteller taking over Season 2, I faced a dilemma of needing to constrict and contract the stories simultaneously. 

With the Season 2 finale approaching on Friday, Lennon is already looking ahead to who could potentially make their way from New York to Chicago for a reunion with Tommy. 

"If I were to be granted a Season 3, I have a story in mind where I would reintroduce a character from our Power OG world to intersect with Tommy Egan," he politely states. 

 "I believe it would be a fascinating and captivating reveal. I believe that the introduction of intersecting characters in our world would be quite logical and add a delightful touch of complexity that would greatly inspire me to write. 

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