Season 4 of "Outer Banks" on Netflix will be filmed in Charlottesville, among other things.


Season four of "Outer Banks" on Netflix will be filmed in Charlottesville.

The Netflix series "Outer Banks" has been extended for a further season of treasure hunting following three successful seasons. The adored Netflix comedy revolves around a group of teenagers called the Pogues who go treasure hunting and just have a fun time.

Most of the first three seasons were shot in Charleston, South Carolina. The directors, however, decided to reevaluate where season four would be filmed for a number of reasons. 

This season, one of the directors stated, "We wanted to make the show more relatable." We came to the conclusion that most of our audience is inland. The Pogues' cantering along the coast in boats is beyond the comprehension of locals. It's likely that they have never even seen water.

The issue wasn't limited to water. 

"We also needed a less fun place," the director remarked. The amount of joy these teenagers were having was beyond the comprehension of our audience members. It was causing mental pain to them.

Season four of the show will be produced in Charlottesville, with the goal of making it more relevant to outsiders and normal guys. Regarding this choice, the mayor of Charlottesville made a public statement.


The mayor declared, "This is the best thing that has happened to our city." What a privilege. Finally, Charlottesville is now a memorable chapter in the history of our country because to "Outer Banks."The "Outer Banks" director said that he must have typed Charlottesville incorrectly when searching online when he was asked why they decided on that location. 

He claimed that Charlotte would have been much closer. How shall I put it? clumsy fingers

This change in setting has fascinating implications for the plot of "Outer Banks," even though it might have been an accident. For instance, the Pogues will go on an exciting apple-picking adventure rather than riding the waves on their surfboards (spoiler warning). 

The Pogues ran out of things to do, so instead of sailing around on the HMS Pogue with the sun shining on their faces and their hair blowing in the breeze, they will sit on the Lawn and stare off into the distance for a few hours.

Student detained for self-serving at the pasta bar in the dining hall

A second-year student was taken into custody at Newcomb's pasta station on Sunday at 5:16 p.m. for availing oneself to macaroni and cheese.

As they were led out of the building by security personnel, the student exclaimed, "It was all worth it."

This fall, shirts with obvious stains are coming back.

It started with Crocs. Next came corsets. Currently, there is a resurgence of stains on shirts in the fashion world. Put down the laundry and begin putting down the food.

Halloween funding for 2023 is blown by UVA on a massive Rotunda pumpkin.

Monday around 6:30 a.m., a massive pumpkin has taken the place of the Rotunda.

This Halloween, the Rotunda pumpkin, also referred to as the "Rotumpkin," aims to unite the Charlottesville community. 

According to a U.Va. spokesperson, "togetherness cannot be priced." 

On the other hand, a pumpkin can be marked with a price. Actually, U.Va. spent the whole money allotted for Halloween in 2023 on the 35,000-pound Rotunda pumpkin.

The way the university used the funds allocated for Halloween this year has not exactly won over the student body. Many students have expressed worry that the Rotunda pumpkin lacks enough spooky factor, particularly in light of the fact that many feel "too safe" on Grounds. 

According to a third-year student minoring in gourd theory, "pumpkins are the least scary gourd."

As she carved a few select phrases into the east wall of the pumpkin, a fourth-year student remarked, "I feel too secure when I walk around Grounds, especially when I'm walking alone at night." "The University passed up a significant opportunity to address this. I'm not afraid of the Rotunda pumpkin at all.

At least one crowd finds the Rotunda pumpkin appealing, in spite of the criticism it has gotten. 

10,000 squirrels are having the time of their life at the Rotunda pumpkin after flocking there.

 "It's terrible," a resident of Lawn said. Thousands of them are rolling around the lawn, munching on pieces of pumpkin, when I open my door. They chew so loudly that it has kept me awake for days.


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