The Season 2 Finale of 'Power Book IV: Force' Inside the Killer and an Exclusive Look at What Season 3 Might Entail

"I'm in a bit of a predicament." Hello, Vic. Welcome to the Power Universe. It seems like you're joining a crowded club. 

Fortunately, Vic (Shane Harper) manages to survive the intense finale of Power Book IV: Force Season 2. However, it seems that not everyone will be as fortunate. The second installment of the well-received Power spinoff set in Chicago demonstrated that the lives of characters other than "Tommy F---ing Egan" (Joseph Sikora) are at risk of being taken. 

In Season 1, Gloria (Gabrielle Ryan) and Lilliana (Audrey Esparza) were eliminated. Walter (Tommy Flanagan) and Paulie (Guy Van Swearingen) faced similar outcomes. The Season 2 finale, "Power, Powder, Respect," left the fates of Vic's sister Claudia (Lili Simmons) and Tommy's girlfriend Mireya (Carmela Zumbado) uncertain. However, there is some positive news for Tommy as he has now become the primary drug connection in the Windy City. 

We had the opportunity to speak with Force showrunner Gary Lennon about his experience in the Power Universe's second season. He shared his insights on addressing the areas that he believed needed improvement from Season 1 and his decision to introduce a Power OG in Season 3 to add some grit to the storyline. 

We frequently hear the phrase "Tommy F---ing Egan" in the finale, and I thoroughly enjoy it on every occasion. Do you enjoy writing dialogue in the scripts that feature the character Tommy Egan? 

Gary Lennon: [Chuckling.] Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely! It would have been preferable for it to be the title of the finale. Prior to reaching the finale, Joseph Sikora expresses his gratitude towards your contribution in shaping the character of Tommy. 

He specifically highlights an episode that you both wrote and directed, Season 5's "There's a Snitch Among Us," as his favorite Power hour. May I ask what specifically draws you to the character of Tommy and the actor in Joe that you find relatable? 

I believe my continued loyalty to the show is largely due to Joe. When I entered the second season of Power, I was asked about my preferred character. Without hesitation, I mentioned Tommy.

 When I saw Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan, I immediately recognized him. I grew up in a close-knit neighborhood in Hell's Kitchen, where my brother Jim was like family to me.

 When I had the opportunity to meet Joe and witness his portrayal of Tommy, as well as contribute my ideas for Tommy in the writer's room, it became evident that it was a perfect match. 

I am grateful for the opportunity given by Courtney Kemp to incorporate a significant part of my personal experiences into the role of Tommy. As I portrayed the character, I couldn't help but notice similarities between Tommy and my own brother. I thoroughly enjoyed Joseph Sikora's performance, his intellect, and his artistic abilities.

 I recognized his potential and had a genuine desire to collaborate with him, delving into unexplored aspects of the character. I thoroughly enjoy delving into Tommy's wit, his deep bond with his mother, his unwavering loyalty to his friends on the street, his intense anger when betrayed, and his fierce determination. This character is one that I feel naturally inclined to work and play with. 

May I inquire about your decision to rejoin Tommy and the Power Universe for Season 2, considering your significant role and influence on Power and for Tommy, despite not being involved in Force Season 1? Did you have a specific creative mission or direction that you were particularly passionate about when you assumed control?

 After leaving Power, I believed that I had truly completed my time there and decided to pursue other endeavors. During the initial season of Force, Joe and I had discussions regarding his dissatisfaction with the character's portrayal. However, I maintained a professional approach as it was not within my responsibilities to address the matter. However, I did offer him advice as a friend.

 Later on, when it was announced that Robert Munic, the creator, would be departing from the show, I received a call from 50 Cent, the producer, expressing their desire to have me return. Shortly after, Joe also reached out to me. I hadn't seen the first season of Force, so they kindly sent me the tapes. As I watched, I noticed something that Joe seemed to be missing. It was one of those moments where I felt a sense of divine intervention because I knew exactly how to resolve it. 

Initially, I didn't perceive it as a particularly robust or cohesive storyline in Season 1. I had a desire to explore how I envisioned Tommy's behavior in a different city. 

 I have always perceived Power as a realm of sophistication and exclusivity, and I couldn't help but notice that Force seemed to lack the rawness, the edginess, the authentic cinematic experience. Working with my team, our mandate was, "Let's do our best." Let's encourage Tommy Egan to return to work. Yes, we did.

 I aimed to ensure that Tommy remained the focal point of the story, as I felt that he was not given enough prominence in the first season and his character got overshadowed. 

 Our main goal was to truly emphasize the importance of connecting with the local community in Chicago. 

 Joe, being a producer this season, offered his insights due to his extensive knowledge of Chicago. He provided feedback on all the scripts, which I believe greatly improved them. 

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